4th of July Birthday Gifts

By: Ruth

Jan 05 2011

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 50D

Sitting on the mantel in my room, I thought he was a good start.

Here is the first item up for evaluation.  Posting a gift is tricky. When you are born on the 4th of July you receive red, white and blue gifts.  I thought my daughter gave this to me but she says no, so was it my daughter-in-law? Uh-oh. And now that I look at the little guy I feel bad about getting rid of him, I mean look at the flag. So what do you think?  Keep or pitch? 


9 comments on “4th of July Birthday Gifts”

  1. Pitch could be donate, too.

  2. Too funny. Should I forward this to Erika?!

    Love the new blog idea Ruthie! Love SIL2B

    Oh, and have a great day!

  3. Oh, I forgot to vote. Pitch.

  4. If he is a Steinbeck, definitely keep him. Otherwise, pitch.

  5. Donate – someone will want this!!

  6. I love the idea for the new blog! I may just steal this great idea for one of my posts.. 🙂 I completely understand about red, whit and blue gifts, I’m a July 3rd baby…
    My vote, Pitch…I keep nutcrackers for Christmas but not for the 4th!

  7. this is a keeper. This item is clearly related to The United States government. Its a felony to throw this away!

  8. Wow, posting gifts IS tricky. You’re a brave woman. 🙂

  9. Pass On

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