A Stack of 83 Pieced Stars to Quilt

By: Ruth

Mar 12 2011

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Category: Photograph


Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 50D

Vintage fabric.  All neatly pressed. 6 diamonds put together to make a star.  Perfectly handstitched.   By my dear grandmother. I keep thinking I am going to put them into a quilt top. But I haven’t.      Because she stitched them all so lovingly it seems hard to give them up.  They hold promise.  And I love the fabrics. 


9 comments on “A Stack of 83 Pieced Stars to Quilt”

  1. Keep them – they don’t take up much space and you may get around to it one day.

  2. Because your grandmother did these, you have a family treasure. I don’t know if you sew but if so, I could help you with ideas about putting them together. My latest blog post shows a star quilt (hand pieced) that I’m working on. If you change your mind and decide to pitch them, please consider pitching them toward me 🙂

  3. My idea: Get someone to stitch them into a quilt for you. I agree that this is one item you can’t pitch or give away; but perhaps a friend (or a seamstress) can help you turn what is currently “clutter” into something useful, functional, and pleasing to remember.

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  5. Send to MaryAnne or to a quilter to finish…..you could make it into a quilt, or no batting and just make a pieced bed topper.

  6. Just read your comment about the quilt squares…did you mean you are sending them to TX? or do you know someone in FL who will finish the top up? haha

  7. How long have you had them? Give them to someone who will value them almost as much as you but will actually make a quilt from them. I am sure your Grandmother would be delighted to know they were put together properly and were being used.

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  9. Wow, they are beautiful. Keep them in a safe place, they are a real treasure. Keep posting I love this post.

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