Silver creamers

Two tarnished creamers from two entire silver-plate services-had christmas tea a decade ago

No poll creation possible on wordpress tonight so leave a comment if you wish (was in a read-only mode for the entire evening) first time publishing from phone



5 comments on “Silver creamers”

  1. They are wonderful but the “decade” description for last use says it all. I vote time to donate.

  2. One of the upsides to system glitches – you get to learn new technologies! 🙂 Cool that you published via phone.

    As for keep or pitch…hm, tough call. If you know someone who would use them, I vote give away. Otherwise, donate to charity? Certainly not pitch.

  3. pitch always means donate to charity i hope? if so pitch – keep only things you use or that make you happy to see/hold/own 🙂

    • Of course it is donate or recycle or give to someone who wants it. I like your thoughts about happy to see/hold/own. Good thinking.

  4. I say pitch: pass on/donate

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