What I Did With My Grown Children’s Favorite Stuffed Friends

By: Ruth

Mar 25 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Mark will be 35 years old in a couple months but I found his sock monkey(he called it Doonie Monkey) in a closet and then there was Matthew’s Little Green Doggie and Laura’s Cabbage Patch Preemie Ned, and her pound puppy Fessie. A little battery operated dog my parents used to entertain the grandchildren when we’d visit them in Illinois. He’d yap and jump, wag his tail. So I gathered the group of outgrown childish things and took them in a duffel bag to a photo class a few years ago. The assignment was to create a still life in the studio and practice photographing the things you set up. It was a Polaroid Transfer class. I arranged them for a toy family photo. Favorite friends who had been cuddled and dragged around, drooled on and smashed in the back of a closet in a basket or bag. I am posting this so my readers can see that the getting rid of things no longer needed has been an ongoing issues, all the children adults and moved all over the map. These toys and their endearing faces remind me of their baby/toddlerhood. Sweet times. I swear they look at you if you try to throw them in a big black construction bag. So no poll today. I have the photo.


9 comments on “What I Did With My Grown Children’s Favorite Stuffed Friends”

  1. Love the photo and love the post, Ruthie.

  2. You do such a wonderful job of capturing life’s special memories with your photography.

  3. like a little family

  4. I would vote to keep all your pictures Ruthe. You have quite an eye and an ability to capture the world.

  5. By all means, keep the picture!! If the kids don’t want their own cuddly stuffed animal from years ago, don’t let them clutter up your house. Give them to Goodwill or Red Cross so that they can comfort other kids. I still have some of Jennifer’s stuffed animals but Jonathan had more trucks and books than anything else! By the way, I love the picture you took of your kids’ stuffed animals!!

  6. What a wonderful photo. They look like a close family. I’m sure they are… Thanks for touching my heart (again)…

  7. Well done – this is a fabulous idea.

  8. Enjoyed the post and share your struggles over what to save and what to find a new home for “soon””.

  9. This photo is terrific; what a wonderful way to surround yourself with fond memories. Lovely.

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