Duck mug and bowl

In the built in china closet. I bought it in Germany for Laura. She is getting married in the fall. I can’t remember the last it was out of the cupboard
Posting via phone again and not sure I can add a poll. Thanks for writing a comment


7 comments on “Duck mug and bowl”

  1. See if she wants, and if not, pitch?

  2. So cute. Would go nicely with my hand embroidered duck placemats I need to pitch!

  3. I think keep it. She may like it for when she has children? I think it’s a cute set.

  4. Definitely save for Laura’s babies!

  5. Give to Laura if she wants it for her kids, otherwise pitch and let some other mom benefit from this cute set. šŸ™‚

  6. It is so-o-o-o cute. If you ever decide to sell it, let me know!

  7. Aw, this is so sweet! I would definately love something similar, but I am a mug-and-all-that-kitchen-stuff-crazy. šŸ˜€ So I don’t really coult, I guess:)

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