Ceramic Squirrels from a Volksmarch in Germany

By: Ruth

Apr 07 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Okay I am keeping the little stork family. Check out these squirrels I found today.  I had trouble parting with the stork nest.  I don’t really like squirrels anyway. Maybe there is someone who collects ceramic squirrels. Or any type of squirrels.  I have started a big box with things to donate and give away. Making progress. Thanks for your good comments and suggestions.  

49 comments on “Ceramic Squirrels from a Volksmarch in Germany”

  1. They don’t do it for me like the stork family did.

  2. I just paid a wildlife service almost $300 to lure some nesting squirrels from the truss area between my ceiling and my roof. These would definitely have to go too 🙂

    • Oh my gosh, I totally had to do that last year! Only, the squirrels found their way *inside* our house (between the chimney and the wall – yeah, I freaked out!!). Mercifully the squirrels were removed unharmed (and relocated someplace far, far away…); so no more squirrel items in our house for me. I would definitely donate these. 😉

  3. Florida grey squirrels are fearless…they will chase me and taunt Maggie (Border Collie) to no end. They scare me! 😦
    Someone out there probably collects squirrel figurines.

  4. No squirrels in Australia – plenty of possums which are lovely but can be a similar problems.
    I think pitch this. Glad you kept the stork family.

  5. Um…does anyone else think the position of the squirrels is — oh, I don’t know — disturbing?


    Good luck with the purge!

    • Yikes, and I think it is a squirrel family so that makes it worse.

      Don’t you want this figurine in your home as a conversation starter?

      Guess not as I see you have kids. All these years I never saw what you did. Maybe it was the angle of the camera?

  6. Sorry, but I’m with Mikalee! Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    • Thanks Kathryn. It is pretty much unanimous. PITCH the squirrels.
      Surely someone has a ceramic squirrel collection and would love to add this to it.
      No charge!
      Appreciate your viewing and leaving a comment.

  7. Pitch it all! We moved to China 2 years ago and getting rid of 95% of our belongings was so cathartic (family of 5, 10 years of marriage). You’ll never regret it!

    • Good advice. My photographing and examining the stuff/clutter/junk has been quite revealing and documenting the purging seems to help me.
      Thanks for looking and writing. Are you still in China?

  8. Purge – no question 😉

    • Thanks for your comment. Isn’t it incredible I have kept so much junk for so long? Photographing the downsizing has been a good way to tackle this daunting task.
      Thanks for your help!

  9. I say you should keep it!

  10. They’re cute, but if you don’t like squirrels, maybe they should go out into the world to find a new home. Best of luck cleaning out your house. 🙂

  11. This is so random. I found a smiling easter bunny/angel in my house the other day.

  12. send them to me! I love squirrels!

  13. We had something similar in our family, but it was a pair of pink fish. We ended up writing “first place” on the bottom of it and gave it away as a prize during a family game night. I ended up getting it back three years later as a prize at a Christmas party. I have since put it back into the pool of prizes and its at my friends house (they got it for being last in a game of baulderdash). its fun. I keep waiting for the fish to show up in a picture with the Eiffel tower in the back or something.

    • What a creative idea! I like the solution. If Shelby, a few comments ago, sends me her address though I am going to send the squirrel to her. She said she LOVES them.
      I checked out your blog and subscribed so I can read more of your writing. I think Pink Fish Around the World has a future title for a story you will write.

      • “Pink Fish” Love it. You are right… what a cool title! Thanks for subscribing to my little blog!

  14. Yeah well…. personally I do not get ceramic decorations anyway… squirrel type or any other…. so i would say to give them the big heave-o….

  15. My dad is going through this downsizing. He keeps trying to give stuff to me. I’m getting pretty good at saying “No, thanks”. I sent him off to a place that buys and sells memorabilia. They will buy just about anything, I think, but now Dad is concerned about whether he will get a good price from them. I keep pointing out to him that any price is better than what he’d get by giving it to me…

    • My kids say NO! No Thanks. They just don’t want the stuff. And I don’t mean the squirrels. I like the idea of giving things to people who WANT them.
      Thanks for taking time to look and write a thoughtful comment today.

  16. very cool idea! so cool i wish i had thought of it myself!! my vote is to find the figurine a new home, for Your Own reason: you write you don’t like it. You already have a picture to remember them. Some interior decorators recommend getting rid of decorations with eyes. Is there a ceramic squirrel adoption agency or sales market that would welcome the critters?

  17. Keep! I love squirrels. I have a squirrel collection at home.

  18. Wow. I am shocked to see 45.1% of respondents think you should keep this ceramic dust catcher … even after you said you don’t like squirrels. Pass it along to a charitable thrift store so that someone who does like squirrels can buy it and support the thrift store’s mission–feeding the hungry, entertaining senior citizens, or sheltering homeless animals, for example.

  19. I love these little cuties SO MUCH. But if you don’t, then don’t keep them.

  20. Kitchy.
    But real squirrels are sweet!

  21. If you absolutely insist on getting rid of the squirrels, take them to a retirement home or kids’ center where they’ll be loved (personally I’d love to have them.) Congrats on being FP!

  22. I love those red-furred little ones! They are so much cuter that the ones we have around – gray squirrels, who steal my tomatoes.

  23. Send the squirrels packing! Your blog is awesome – what a great idea!

    I’ve been forcing myself watch episodes of “Hoarders” and “Extreme Hoarders.” That usually does the trick;-)

  24. pitch…they kinda look creepy to me.



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  26. I personally think they are cute. But then again, I tend to like furry little critters. I have many treasures from Volksmarches when I was a kid. Mostly mugs and wine glasses, though. Where was I when they handed out the cute stuff?

    I am glad you found a new home for your squirrels. 🙂

  27. Glad you found them a new home

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  29. You don’t like squirrels and these aren’t even easy to dust. But it’s well made, so give it to some charity that will sell it to a ceramic squirrel loving person. Or check on ebay to see if they’re worth anything …

  30. Gotta keep the frisky squirrels!

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  32. I say pitch, I’m not a fan of things that collect dust. Although, I have a lot of clutter and I’m trying to find some time to free up my desk space.

  33. They’re so cute! But if you’re purging, the rule is keep only what you love. If you don’t love ’em, someone else will. My vote is to get rid of, based on your goals. But they are really, really cute!

    • I like your rule. There is a lot to be looked at first, though. And thanks for helping me downsize. I am mailing the squirrels to an early commenter (Shelbyisrad) yesterday who loved them. Thanks for writing.

  34. keep it up bro… nice post

  35. The squirrels are really cute, but my suggestion wouldn’t be to keep them or pitch them. Maybe you could gift them to someone. They look like they’re in pristine condition to me, so if you gifted them to someone, I think they’d appreciate it.
    Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    Ashley, aka TheEverydayMuser

  36. They’re cute, but if you don’t like squirrels, maybe they should go out into the world to find a new home. Best of luck cleaning out your house. 🙂

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