Who Remembers Benji?

By: Ruth

Apr 08 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

The first Benji movie came out in 1974. Mark was born in 1976,  Not sure where this Benji puppet came from but he has seen better days.  Thought of giving him a whirl in the washing machine and if still recognizable as a dog, take him to the grandchildren.  My DIL doesn’t like stuffed animals but puppets are okay.  


6 comments on “Who Remembers Benji?”

  1. No poll? I say wash him and send to grandchildren – he’s cute!

    • I should photograph him wet! I am going to see what happens, stick him in a net bag. Thanks for the help on what to do with him.
      My friend says it is “hard to get rid of things with a face”

  2. Oh, now the poll comes up for me — I don’t know – computer glitch?

  3. A 35+-year-old fur toy… I vote toss in the trash, mostly for health reasons. If I were your DIL, I don’t think I would want my small child chewing/rubbing face on/holding-then-eating-from-the-hands a 35-year-old piece of cloth than has been exposed to who-knows-what…. (dust at best, bugs at worst?). Sorry, but for this one, I vote trash.

  4. I, too, have trouble throwing things with a face away…..or to get rid of anything religious (is that a sin? to think about it freaks me out!). I am also a nut about germs…but I think washing it (in a net) and drying it with a blow dryer makes it “safe” for the grandkids. Why doesn’t your DIL like stuffed animals?

  5. I think wash it in net bag and give it to g/kids.
    Funnily enough we just gave away a possum hand puppet to a friends’ young boy. It was our sons’ when he was little.

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