Anyone Still Record Cassette Tapes?

By: Ruth

Apr 12 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Unused cassette tapes. Found in the stereo’s cupboard. The stereo has a cassette tape mode.  But no one is making a mix tape for anyone around here. We used to listen to them in the car. Sometimes they would get worn out and tangle in the player.  When I visited my sister in NYC, I photographed a discarded cassette tape collection by the curb waiting for the garbage pickup. ( Click here ). I was told even CD’s are becoming obsolete, it’s all digital files, MP3 and such. 


8 comments on “Anyone Still Record Cassette Tapes?”

  1. Actually, my cousin records music and is releasing his next album on cassette tapes. It made me laugh because he’s 18 and I’m pretty sure cassettes were before his time. So, surprisingly, some people still do use cassettes. Thanks for this post – it made me laugh. 🙂

  2. Ironically a coworker mentioned the other day how excited she was that the car she just inherited had a cassette player — so retro! — and she had no cassettes.

    I didn’t tell her I still had cassettes….and 8-tracks….

  3. If you’re not into cassettes or taping your old music, pitch ’em. I play an occasional cassette. I still own a car that has a cassette player! But I only use it to play my iPod – I have the cassette adaptor for it.

  4. This is so funny. I was in Radio Shack yesterday and I looked down at these tapes and wondered what device today was using tapes that big. Then I noticed they were audio cassette tapes! Holy cow! I thought those were long gone. Then I noticed a cassette recorder sitting beside them on the shelf. Before you pitch ask friends if anyone can make use of them. If no one wants em’ I guess it’s time to pitch!

  5. Gotta have those for voice lessons…..

  6. My grandfather still uses cassette tapes. Of course, he’s 88 years old…

  7. I had Ace of Base on cassette.

  8. […] to those born before 1999 but in the old days we would pop a cassette tape in a boom-box and record a song right from the radio. This people were our playlists, and when we did want to hear our playlist we’d play it on […]

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