Paper Egg with the Pricetag Still On

By: Ruth

Apr 23 2011

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Category: Photograph


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

For those of you reading What Your Stuff Says About You, I am sure you have a pretty good profile for me.  A sentimental empty nester who hangs on to things way too long. Friends reassure me I am not a candidate for the TV show about hoarders but you wonder how things could change and one day the film crew is at my door saying they got a tip from an anonymous blog reader that I had a big house FULL of clutter and stuff.  Click here to Read the story of where the quilt stars went..…. so what about this funny paper egg????


6 comments on “Paper Egg with the Pricetag Still On”

  1. Wait! I meant to say pitch it! Too decorative, time to pitch 🙂

  2. Time to give away.
    Lovely story about your quilting stars. So nice to hear of a happy ending these days. Now doesn’t that make you feel all fuzzy inside Ruth? cheers Wendy

  3. WOW! Who would have thought a blog about getting rid of things could turn into someone taking an old item of yours and turning into something new and so special? Great story!

  4. Have you thought about a garage sale? Instead of pitching some of this, why not have a garage sale and get a little money for it?

    If that egg was made in Germany, it might have some value. It is very pretty. Donate it if anything.

  5. Wonderful story about the quilt pieces! Look forward to seeing what she makes. Good luck finding that egg a new home. Maybe you can turn this blog into an auction site. People can bid along with voting! Sadly, I don’t need this egg . . .

  6. If the price tag is still on any of your possessions in your house (that are older than 6 months old), definitely time to pitch them.

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