Mini Tea Set

Today on my primary blog I posted a Doll Tea Party that said it was Not a Keep or Pitch photo. The post featured a lovely set of Blue Willow tea things that belonged to my mother (b.1912)  This evening I found this mini tea set, clunky but cute.  You can see it in relation to the penny. 


6 comments on “Mini Tea Set”

  1. I’m a sucker for miniatures – as in the first comment or vote I ever made on this blog for that sweet little soft animal puppet!

  2. I went back and found the post – it was the little fox terrier puppet from your childhood. I didn’t comment, apparently, but did think he was so sweet!

  3. A keeper for granddaughters. Much nicer than playing with plastic.

  4. A set this old will sell.

  5. Hmm, try this one Ruth.

  6. Wow, this is a TINY little set. I say sell – I hear people go ga ga for miniatures…

    Do you have a space on Ebay? If not, perhaps you should consider opening a little eBay store as an extension of this blog?

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