Counted Cross Stitch Pillow Top from the Early 80’s

By: Ruth

May 20 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

I stitched this little Kate Greenaway design in 1982. I took out the insides of the pillow and pitched them and washed the part you see here.  Am debating whether to fill it with poly-fill or what.  It has a ruffled edge I sewed all around.  From my craft period!  I couldn’t do counted cross stitch now but you should have seen my friend Aïda stitch up a storm.  WOW.  The loose thread on the photograph is not attached. And it’s clean now.  Can you tell I want to KEEP it??

4 comments on “Counted Cross Stitch Pillow Top from the Early 80’s”

  1. I can tell you want to keep it, but why? Emotional attachment? If so, what is this reminding you of?

  2. Take off the surrounding fabric and frame it–maybe a hot pink mat. It will look good in a granddaughter’s room at some point.

  3. I think take the ruffle off and frame it. I do cross stitch (not as frequent as I used to) so I can appreciate the time and effort that went into it! I have a cross stitch project that I started in 1998 and it’s still not finished. I call it my “jury duty” project, I only work on it when I have jury duty (and believe it or not, they seem to summon me more often than not!)

  4. Just saw the error in my blog link, so I corrected it. I hope it sticks!

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