Ballet Shoes from Benefit

By: Ruth

May 25 2011

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Category: Photograph


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Last Spring I went to see Swan Lake and afterwards there was a silent auction on pointe shoes incorporated into art.  You can see the pair I created and donated if you click here. I bid on this pair nesting in leather covered box and won them…. now I am not so sure.

5 comments on “Ballet Shoes from Benefit”

  1. Donate!! Do you plan on taking ballet anytime soon? I mean, they’re really cute, but maybe you could hang them ’round your rear view mirror? Sell or donate.

  2. Oh, and the pointe shoes you did up are gorgeous! What a cute idea!

  3. I like yours much more than these!

  4. I say use them for another auction project….i loved what you did with the other ones, recreate with these and have another auction!

  5. The shoes you did are super cute! Time to let these ones go. Bye bye ballerina. 🙂

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