JELL-O Cookbook

By: Ruth

Jun 10 2011

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Camera:iPhone 4

My sister gave me this.  Although I have never made anything out of the actual cookbook, it sits on my kitchen shelf and gets comments – I have a soft spot in my heart for Jell-o.  Midwest roots. My mother used to make the California lemon one with the crushed pineapple and grated carrots with fresh lemon juice.  And at Christmas it was green lime with Bartlett pear halves and the formaldehyde maraschino cherries…….I never eat it much these days but every once in awhile…..By the way I gave my sister the Heinz Ketchup cookbook and I bet she never cooked anything out of it either.


3 comments on “JELL-O Cookbook”

  1. If it means that much and it’s not in the way, keep it.

  2. As a kid my family did the orange jello with mandarin orange slices, or the strawberry jello with banana slices – and we also did the lime jello with pear chunks. Wow – I haven’t thought about all of that in a llllooooonnnnnggg time. Fun. 🙂

    But for the task at hand, pitch the book. If you ever *do* decide you want to whip up a jello treat, you can always find the recipe online. No need to keep the book.

  3. Formaldehyde? Seriously? I thought that was fatal!

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