My Mother’s Little White Beaded Purse

By: Ruth

Jun 19 2011

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Camera:iPhone 4

I have not used this purse but found it in a dresser drawer, the scent of Cashmere Bouquet soap permeates the lining as you open it.  These objects are difficult to pitch/donate, even if they are not utilized, because of the mother connection.   I pulled it out a couple of weeks ago when my daughter-in-law needed something to carry to a wedding and she used another tiny bag of my mom’s instead.  This one is on the bookcase in the living room.   Looking at it in the light of day, what to do? Put it back in the drawer or move it on out! And yes, it is even missing a few beads.

3 comments on “My Mother’s Little White Beaded Purse”

  1. Pass it down!!! That’s an heirloom! Make sure you tell whomever you pass it too that’s it not a Walmart special! I have several of my moms as well. They do look pretty displayed, but I can see where it might be in the way.

  2. If you have several of the same item (purses, quilts, cross-stitched items, etc.), I suggest you put all of the same items together, then choose ONE from the group to keep – and then donate the rest. That way you are honoring the connection to your mother, but at the same time doing so in a reasonable manner.

    What do you think?

  3. I like the pass it on idea. I understand the difficulty around it.

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