Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

By: Ruth

Jun 25 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
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Camera:iPhone 4

This belonged to my mother and has a treadle to which a motor was added.  It works perfectly but nothing has been sewn on it lately.  The little drawers are filled with bobbins and a presser foot, extra needles and a seam ripper.  Some old buttons and clasps in boxes.  I remember at Christmas my mother would have a sign on her door Elves at Work and she’d be in her room sewing up aprons or skirts for us.  I use it in the living room to hold a lamp.    Be sure to check out The RealSharon’s Blog who listed the Keep or Pitch blog today as recipient of three awards!  Coming in number seven out of ten (but I don’t think they are in any particular order,) she lists blogs she reads faithfully and is recognizing each blog and awarding them with Sweet Stylish and Versatile Blogger awards.  Thanks Sharon.  


3 comments on “Vintage Singer Sewing Machine”

  1. No, they were definitely not listed in any particular order. I am honored to pass the awards on to your blog! 🙂
    I can imagine this sewing machine having a attachment to it for you in remembering your mother. To me, if something has a strong attachment, then I say, make room for it. IF you’re willing to let go of it, then maybe get it appraised? I’m sure someone out there would pay a lot for a vintage sewing machine if you can bear to part with it.

  2. It has a lot of meaning AND is functioning as a piece of furniture. I vote KEEP.

  3. My mom is an avid sewer (and a self-admitted pack rat) – she would love this. It does look quite cool…

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