How Many Bundt Cakes Do You Need to Bake?

By: Ruth

Jul 05 2011

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After the inventor of the Bundt cake  pan passed away and my sister sent me his obituary from the New York Times I  went out to Marshall’s and bought my first Bundt Cake pan by NordicWare. You can read about David Dalquist at this link. Then I went a little nuts and bought this cookbook on ebay so I could bake the Tunnel of Fudge recipe  and serve it to a group of friends.  Haven’t done it yet.  There are cake recipes with mixes but also plenty of homemade recipes, too.  Now that I am writing about the cake and the recipes I have a renewed interest.  Hmmmmmm  

3 comments on “How Many Bundt Cakes Do You Need to Bake?”

  1. You could always copy the Tunnel of Fudge recipe along with any other ones that sound interesting to you…and put them on your computer to save so you will always have them….and then you could get rid of the actual book.

  2. Go through it at night, when you have some time, copy down some recipes, just like what was mentioned above, then donate the book or pass it onto someone else. I have one of those bundt pans and I still use it regularly. It’s harvest gold.

  3. My mother in law would love this; she makes bundt cakes for every occasion that requires a cake. As for the recipe book – you can take pictures of the recipe pages you like, and then upload them to your computer for storage (saves typing). Or, you could always check out a recipe book from the library if you really wanted to bake a bundt cake. Or – you could give the recipe book and a bundt pan to someone you think would appreciate them….

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