A Colorful and Easy Pitch

By: Ruth

Jul 11 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Everyday we throw something out.  And I know I  should throw out MORE.   When I was throwing out the zucchini and squash peels I felt gratitude for the garbage men (now called Environmental Waste Engineers) who carted off a contractor’s bag of garbage this morning.  Just wanted to thank the reliable men who come each week and haul the trash.  Then I started thinking I should start a compost heap.  Not today, though. I had just read about the Minnesota recycling guy in  Stef’s post at Smile, Kiddo  about recycling and reuse and how the recycling man was so thoughtful and neat. Stef’s post has inspired my post to veer a bit today.  Just thinking about the act of pitching today and why it is so easy to get rid of squash peels but not the old birthday cards from dear friends. So no vote today.

3 comments on “A Colorful and Easy Pitch”

  1. I know what you mean! We are lucky to have space for a GIANT compost pile – mostly yard waste – lots of yard waste – but also peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds etc. Have fun starting your own compost pile – they have cute bins if you want to go that route . . .

  2. Yeah, when push come to shove, it’s all just stuff.

    I find it very hard not to press the ‘keep’ button for all your stuff though.

    Even the plate of peel looks good enough to keep. 😉

  3. Ruth, I’m delighted I could be a veering off point for you – and that you had such gratitude and appreciation for your Environmental Waste Engineers. (A very cool title for an often ‘thankless’ job.)
    And I agree with Jonathan, your peels DO look rather pretty…. I hope you had a terrific meal. 🙂

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