My Grandmother’s Afghan

By: Ruth

Aug 04 2011

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Camera:iPhone 4

Here is the story of how an afghan came to be in Laura and James’ home in Columbus OH now. It was knit in the seventies by my father’s mother, Mary Alta Hendricks, when she was 83 years old (she wrote her age on a handknit tag). She had knit it and given it to my Aunt Rhea ( who is now 95 years old) who in turn gave it to her granddaughter Lori. Lori was giving things away to people who had a connection with them. The printed tag with my grandmother’s name on it probably helped her decide who should have it. And my sister Mary passed it on to me. I have two afghans of my grandmother’s already so I brought it out to Columbus and gave it to my daughter Laura. Now she has her great grandmother’s handwork draped on a rocking chair that was my parents. I like how the “pitching”can come full circle. There is a tribute on my other blog to Cousin Lori (at age 41) as she passed away Feb. 19th.

I saw the afghan tonight on my parents’ rocking chair. Lots of memories came to mind. Heirloom gifts. Many people I love have wrapped themselves in this beautiful handknitted afghan. This is the grandmother who taught me to knit and who made the quilt stars that Carol in FL is piecing together.

5 comments on “My Grandmother’s Afghan”

  1. Your post hit a nerve here with me. I’m renting a dumpster this coming week, and beginning to help clear out my parents house! I’ve never felt the need to downsize & simplify more than right now!

    Hand made gifts to family members make these decisions SO difficult!

  2. Touching story.

    I’ve just got into knitting & am in the mitts of making blankets for both my sisters. I’m a sucker for an heirloom. 🙂

  3. It is comforting to have “things” filled with such memories. Glad this lovely afghan made the KEEP list.

  4. Such a beautiful story! 🙂

  5. I love this story; and I am so heartened that Laura now has a piece of your family history in her home. Truly beautiful.

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