Time Flies By

By: Ruth

Aug 30 2011

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Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

Back to school and students are already in week two, me? Week 3.  It has been a big adjustment and the sleeping patterns are not in a good rhythm yet.  BUT here  is a Keep or Pitch post as just yesterday I emptied a trunk of baby clothes, handknit baby blankets, some lederhosen the boys wore in Germany and some handsmocked bonnets I made for Laura.  She is going to be married in two months.  Do I need to save these overalls?  They looked tired and dated and I could remove the smocked insert and put them into another item of clothing but that is not going to happen.  Steve helped me haul the trunk out to the curb. It just wasn’t nice.  I washed all the smocked dresses and put them away but this tired pair of overalls just looked sad to me.

2 comments on “Time Flies By”

  1. No reason to keep them, must move on. I still have most of my kids toy of all things. I just haven’t gotten there yet to part with them. Some are collectors items now. Plus I hope they take them when they move out on their own someday. Meanwhile, oy, my attic space above my garage…..!!!!

  2. Donate them to your local thrift store, so that a child who really needs them can use them. 🙂

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