Pens, Pencils and Dried Out Markers- PITCHED!

I had THREE cans of writing implements on the kitchen counter( I had to get out of the desk drawer, too much sentimental paper) The phone rings and you need to write down a number. Forget it.  Broken pencils, crusty pens, nothing that truly wrote a note.  Every broken pencil, every dried up eraser, every dried up marker and glue stick is GONE. A package of mayo that came with some Tuna.  A length of Red White and Blue ribbon. A Halloween eraser.   I reduced it to a single can of pencils and pens. What you see is what I pitched in the trash.  A small step, it’s true.  Read the article on Hoarders in the NY Times today. My goal is to not have my kids come in here after I’ve passed and have to pitch all this stuff.  I am not ready for the TV show yet but clearly I have too much attachment to the layers of my lives and the people who have gone before;.

No vote today. All of this went into the trash, wrapped up in newspaper. GONE.

7 comments on “Pens, Pencils and Dried Out Markers- PITCHED!”

  1. Congrats! My mom is in a similar boat, albeit a bit worse. There are probably four or five containers of writing implements (or more) in her kitchen. I think you’re doing great with the decluttering!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. It is an awesome and daunting task.

  3. I’m sure your kids are thanking you!

  4. Doesn’t that feel good? Purge baby, purge!

  5. Fantastic! You described this as “a small step” – but every small accomplishment sums to a BIG accomplishment in the end! If you continue to do just a little bit every single day (as you have been so diligently doing), just think about how much you will achieve by the end of this year! Woo hoo! 🙂

  6. I wonder what the expiration on the mayo is

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