JFK Inauguration Button

By: Ruth

Jul 04 2011

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Category: Photograph


Focal Length:3.85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:iPhone 4

This is big. I shot it next to the nickel.  When I think of what to post for the Keep or Pitch blog I just look around, open a drawer, walk from a room into another and something jumps out.  Sometimes the object says, Pitch me Pitch me. and other times I can actually feel an emotional response and connection to a THING.  My friend V told me once her niece said she felt sorry for the piece of paper.  Other people throw things out in a bin and never look back.  Ever.   Anyway  my dad got this button when he went to the Inauguration in 1961.  Just showing a variety of the types of stuff in my big old house. Surely one of the kids or grandchildren will want this one.  I watched the Hoarders show with a friend of mine and was relieved to see that I am not qualifying for that level of concern. Oh my.  One of the terms they used was “passive acquisition” as in a gift from someone.  Hmmm.   Not pitching this one so no poll today but do leave a comment if you wish.

2 comments on “JFK Inauguration Button”

  1. My friend’s mother in law remarried a nice guy, well so we thought. They bought this “mini mansion” in a college town here in NEPA. Well, the guy proceeded to fill EVERY SINGLE ROOM TO THE HILT with HIS junk! What you see in “Hoarders” is him. You have these little walkways to get to the computer, rooms jammed packed to the doors and with the most inane stuff! And he refuses to throw anything out! The MIL is beside herself! They have this lanai by the pool that she thought was going to be beautiful for having parties and such. Nope. He has it PACKED with kayaks, canoes, paddles, oars, etc….He said it was all “just pretentious”. Can you imagine!?? Definitely a sickness!

    That is a really cool button! Definitely a keeper! No, you’re not a hoarder! LOL!!

  2. No you’re not a hoarder Ruth! Hoarders are def obsessive/compusive and can’t help themselves at all. Your clearing out routine is going great – wish that I could say the same! Emotional attachment clutter is definitely the hardest to clear -that’s my excuse anyhow lol. cheers Wendy

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